AA Covid Confident by Rated Trips                                                                                Good To Go England Green

The lifting of Covid restrictions is great news for the holiday industry!

However, we also want you to feel you can relax knowing Heath View is a safe place to visit.

Who can stay

There are no longer limits on who can stay. Families and friends can holiday together.

Heath View sleeps 8 people plus infants.

Swimming pool and Hot tub

Our pool has an oxygenated cleaning system, so on advice of a pool specialist we will continue to increase the chlorine levels to cover Covid-19.

The pool and hot tub are open 9am-9pm. As detailed on “Our Pool” page, we ask guests to let us know when they wish to use the pool each day. After each use we will clean down all external surfaces.


Throughout the pandemic, we have completed risk assessments and cleaning protocols, in line with HSE and Quality in Tourism and achieved the industry standard mark “We’re Good To Go”.

We will continue with these protocols, using virucidal products that have the British standard EN14476. All surfaces will be cleaned, including switches, handles, fridge and freezer, carpets, work surfaces, sinks etc. We will also clean outside play equipment in the same manner.

Over this year, we will slowly reintroduce children’s toys, books and DVD’s. Please bare this in mind when packing as you may wish to bring your own.

Social distancing

Over the last 18 months, we have not greeted guests on arrival, but left the conservatory door open for you to get in. This has worked well, so we will continue with this at present.

All keys are in the doors except the front door keys, which are in a pot in the kitchen. All keys will be cleaned as above.

We will definitely meet you during your stay (Jasper is always in the garden doing something) and can be contacted via mobile as necessary.

There is a folder in the kitchen with all the useful information, but please call us with any questions.

Covid-19 symptoms

There are no longer any restrictions on travel or requirements to isolate if you have Covid-19.

However, we ask that you notify us, out of curtesy. Lynne is immunosuppressed, so we do need to know if Covid is present at the property.

Should anyone in your party develop symptoms of Covid-19 while you are staying at Heath View, please call NHS 111 for advice and inform us.


Contact tracing

Contact tracing is no longer necessary- thank goodness!

For our cancellation policy, please see under “Booking”

If you have any questions, please do contact us.