Our Pool

Our pool has an oxygenated cleaning system, which needs time between uses to clean.

Therefore, guests are welcome to use to the pool for a maximum of two one hour sessions or one two hour session, so a maximum of two hours a day.

The pool and hot tub are open from 9am – 9pm daily.

We politely ask guests to let us know what times they would like to use the pool. This is because the pool is in our house, next door to Heath View. It is next to our daughter Holly’s bathroom. Holly has cerebral palsy and likes to know when guests are in the pool so she can plan her shower time.

We do not provide any pool toys or floats. Please feel free to bring your own.

Pool Rules

No Running around the pool area

Strictly NO JUMPING OR DIVING- the pool is only 1.2m/4ft deep

Please keep the water in the pool, no excess splashing

No food around the pool

No glass around the pool or hot tub

Please be respectful as the pool is part of our house

Please change in Heath View then follow the path via the garden to the pool and hot tub

Please use the outside shower to remove excess sand and grass

After us, please cover the pool and ensure the cover is flat at both ends

Please turn off the lights

Babies and toddlers must wear swim nappies